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Amber Crystal For Manifestation

I'm going to be talking about some of my favorite Crystals to work with.

I love using, working, displaying, crystals. I make them into jewelry, fountains, furniture, accessories and more. I love the energy that crystals bring to a space and also to myself.

Any Crystal is a good Crystal. And they all have different powers. And some are even enhanced when used with another crystal. So each week, I will be talking about a different Crystal and its metaphysical powers. So here we go:)


Crystal meaning, spiritual and metaphysical properties of Amber.

Amber is known as a very powerful stone. It can ease stress and anxiety, and is also known for its manifestation powers. Amber is not a real stone. Amber is a tree resin that has been fossilized. Amber can be found in Italy, Germany, and Russia, among other areas around the world.

Amber is used for Psychic protection, clearing negative energy, Clearing depression, and can be used for luck!

Amber can mean something different for each person. When you wear Amber jewelry, the metaphysical powers of Amber, are uniquely your own. Placing Amber beside your bedside is said to help with making your dreams come true!

Amber is the birthstone for Aquarius and Leo. Amber is also known to aid in fertility.

Hold it while you visualize a baby, or a child, to help manifest that into reality.

Amber is used with the solar plexus chakra, to enhance creativity, healing of the mind, clarity, and promote self-expression. When cleaning the chakras, the use of Amber is very important.

Amber is used to enhance psychic abilities and psychic powers, that is why it is a

Much cherished stone for healers.

Hold it for manifesting, and place in your purse for luck!

Photo courtosy of: manchesterminerals

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