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5 Ways To Open Your Psychic Eye

StartFragmentEveryone wants to see and know the future. Knowing what is coming can be very scary for some, but also very comforting to others, and who doesn't love comfort? If you have ever wanted to become Psychic, or just want to enhance your psychic abilities, here are 5 Ways To Open Your Psychic Eye:


Meditation is the key. By just quieting your mind from all of the hectic ness and busy chatter of everyday life, you can tap into your higher conscience, and let your inner intuition take over. Meditation is not easy at first. Getting your mind to stay quite, and focused on only your breathing, can be challenging at first, but once you get the hang of it, it can be very liberating, and peaceful. Learning more about meditation is the first step to doing it, and doing it right. Research on how you want to meditate. Yes, there are different ways to meditate that may be right for you.

Some like to meditate by sitting on the floor quietly. Some like to meditate while lying down listening to nature sounds or music. Some consider a long walk, bike ride, or yoga, a form of meditation.

Whatever you feel is the right way for you to meditate, learn more about it, and begin at your pace. Meditation can take years to master. I admit that I am still learning, even though I have been meditating since I was a teen. But for me, I get a lot of guidance from my angels, and answers from spirit guides, when I meditate. Once you begin to meditate, you will not want to stop.

Watch for the signals

Learn to recognize and enhance your intuition

We all have different levels of intuition. For some, it is non-existent. Some are highly sensitive by nature, and some have learned to become psychic by enhancing their intuition over many years of practice. Some were born with a gift that has been passed on from their relatives. You know that feeling, when you walk into a room full of strangers, and after a few minutes, you can just feel who are genuine beings to be around, and feel who you should stay clear from? It is like you automatically know that you don't want to get to know this certain person.

You don't know what it is about them, and they did not do anything wrong, they just give you a guarded feeling. Well that is your intuition guiding you. Do you know that feeling that tells you who is calling before you answer the phone? Well before caller I.D., we relied on intuition to let us know. You know that feeling when you could just tell that something was wrong, or when something big was going to happen, and then it did? Yes! That is intuition. When you get that feeling, do not dismiss it! It is there for you to catch and reel in! Listen to it! Feel it, and try to let it guide you. When you are really tapped into it, it will never steer you wrong.

Pay attention to your dreams

Your dreams can be a pathway to your future! It is said that when we sleep, that is the time we are most connected to spirit, and I feel that that is true! I don't know about you, but I get a visit from so many spirits when I am sleeping. They send me visions, feelings, words, and wisdom. Our dreams are very prophetic. Have you ever had a dream, and then a while later, you see it come to life? That is your psychic ability! It was trying to tell you that this moment was coming! When you have a dream that seems too vivid, or uncanny realistic, try to write down everything that you remember from that dream, as soon as you wake. I have a journal by the side of my bed, for just this reason! I have a gratitude journal, that I write down what I am thankful for each day, and another journal just for dreams. Yes! It is my Dream Journal. I write down as much as I can remember. Every detail. Numbers, letters, names, and faces. Everything may make sense, and some may not, but I write it down anyway. It may take time, but many people who do this, see a path to opening their third eye into the future.

Holding, and working with Crystals

Even just being in the presence of Crystals, will enhance your energy, and intuition.

Meditating with Crystals, will give a boost to your psychic abilities, and just keeping a natural stone on you, can bring you an added bit of luck, love, intuition, psychic energy, and a whole lot more, depending on the stone you have to work with. I whisper to my crystals. I talk to them, and tell them how I need their guidance and help. Crystals are a connection to earth, and therefore, a connection to spirit. When a Crystal comes into your possession, it is there for a reason. It has work to do. Here is a Crystal Hack: Place one by your bedside, and it can give a boost to your dreams, and what they have to tell you!


A lot of times that I need clarity, I pray. It may seem simple, but praying is a one way to connect to your angels, spirit guides, and God. Your path may become instantly clear, or it may take time, but I know that a prayer for answers, clarity, and psychic guidance, comes in unexpected ways.

StartFragmentSo these are just some of the ways to heighten your psychic abilities. Start slowly, and see what works for you. Remember, practice make progress. Take your time, and do not rush. Your spirit guides will show you the way to enhance your intuition. If you need answers and advice, call me for a reading. Schedule a reading today, and get the answers you need.EndFragment


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