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Magically Using Eucalyptus this fall!

Fall is the time of harvest. When all of our hard work of planning and planting the seeds of renewal, and peace, love, and happiness finally start to come up. We all have that time of hard work and a time of waiting for our hard work to pay off. When things are tough, just try and remember that this is the time of waiting for our spiritual harvest to arrive. Don't give up on your dreams and blessings. Your spiritual journey begins with just one step. Expect that your harvest will come, and then let go, and let the spirit take it to the next level. Eucalyptus sprigs, are very powerful in the spell casting realm. It has been used to ward off negative energy, for hundreds of years.

How to use Eucalyptus magically:

A good thing to do this time of year, is to hang a piece of eucalyptus on your front door to welcome the fall with greetings and hope for the future. Making a wreath of Eucalyptus, is really easy, or you an add a few sprigs to a ready made wreath. This will help to ward off negative people, negative energy, and bad spirits. It will help to enhance positive energy coming through your door, and let the positive come in.

Using a mortar and pestle, you can grind up some Eucalyptus leaves, and place them in a spray bottle with some water, and use it to spritz a little on the front door, or the threshold, or walkway, to protect from negative energy as well. You can place a sprig of eucalyptus, along with a bay leaf, and a cinnamon stick in a small pot with water and let simmer for 20 minutes to welcome harvest luck into your home. and it will make your house smell like fall! (Please keep an eye on your simmering pot, and don't forget about it!) Discard of this magic potion, once you are done, and do not drink it!

Blessings come when we least expect it. So try to stay positive and in the spirit of gratitude. Stay focused on the possibilities of love, and not the destruction of it. Stay focused on the blessings that you have now, and not what is missing. If you only think about what is missing, you will get only more of that.

Bring the power of the spiritual harvest in this fall, by remaining in the spirit of light. When you do, you will see more of that.

Happy Harvest Blessings:)

Disclaimer: To most animals, and humans, Eucalyptus can be extremely poisonous. Except maybe a koala, so please keep out of reach of children, pets, and do not consume. If you need answers and advice, please call and set up a reading.

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