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8 tips to start your day

If you feel like every morning is a struggle, than you must change your daily habits to see immediate change. Struggle happens to the best of us, and we sometimes dread the morning, and what the day may bring. And when you wake up with these negative thoughts, it can set the tone for the whole day.

Tomorrow is a day to change all of that with just a few adjustments, in the way we think, before our feet hit the ground. If you take just a few of these steps, you will start to see huge improvements to your everyday.

1: Give thanks for this new day! - When you first open your eyes, be sure to say thank you to the universe, for bringing us this new day. Each new day, is a fresh start. We get a new chance to make things right, or make them better. The gift of a new day, is a gift we should never take for granted, so having gratitude the first thing in the morning, is a very important way to start the day.

2: Affirm your positive day! - I truly believe in the power of affirmations. I know how powerful they can be. In scripture it says that the tongue is mightier than the sword. And that is because when you say something with intent, and focus, and you believe it, you can manifest it, so tell yourself that today is going to be a wonderful day, and it surely will.

3: When planning your day, expect something good to happen! - Don't focus on the negative what-ifs of the day ahead, instead, think of the positive what-ifs. The moment a negative worry enters your mind, stop and think about what would happen if it actually went your way today. How would you feel then? What would you do then? When you end your thoughts on a positive note, that will get you motivated and ready to face any challenge!

4: Meditate everyday! - The most powerful and successful people start their day with meditation. Even just 5 minutes a day is enough to clear your mind, and focus on you! Center your thoughts only on your breath for just 5 minutes, and allow any and all worry or stress just drift away. It is so much better than just wishing the day to be done with. Meditation, is a way of centering yourself with the universe, and make this day work for you.

5: Set your intention for the day! - Visualization is one of my most powerful tools in my work. When you can daydream, is when you can create magic in your day. Everyday! Visualize a great day ahead of you. Visualize positive events, and people coming your way. Imagine for a moment that you come home saying that today was a great day. Use your minds eye to attract happiness, and productivity today.

6: Let go of yesterday's mistakes! - If you had a bad day yesterday, be sure to let it go! That is the beautiful thing about this new day, is that you get a brand new chance to fix it, change it, move on, allow better things to come your way. Don't let yesterday ruin today. The past is gone. It can, and will get better.

7: Give thanks for your morning meal! - We often take this meal for granted. If you are blessed, and fortunate in this world to have a wholesome, and delicious breakfast, than you are truly lucky! There is a lot to be thankful for in your life, and when you recognize the tiny things, you will see how wonderful this day truly is!

8: Win the day! - Seize it! You've got this! Now you are ready to take on this day with power and positivity all around you, and within you. You can do anything you put your mind to. Today is YOUR day. You woke up for YOU! Now go and get 'em!

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