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New Years Blessings For you!

May the New Year bring you Luck, Love, and Prosperity in 2016! Stay on your course, and look forward to a bright future! 2015 is ending, so there is no reason to hold on to the past. There is no reason not to start of fresh.

Yoour angels want you to focus on you! You must be prepared for wonderful blessings in 2016. You need to focus on building and fixing your relationships, and making them all that they can be. Use the power of manifestation, to bring about change in your life.

take charge of your year. It is about you! Use Carnelien to remove doubts. Use quartz to remove negative thoughts. Use Lodestone to draw and manifest all possibilites. Keep your crystals on you for the countdown to the new year if possible. Either be wearing them, or keeping them in your pocket of handbag. Remember, they are their to help you!

Clean your doorway before the countdown. befor you headout for New Years Eve, make sure that your home is nice and tidy. Show 2016 how you want things to be. Make sure to leave food in your house. Make sure to have Cash on you for the countdown. This ensures that you will never be without it.

Only think positive when the new year comes. Do not!-I repeat!-Do not think negative for the countdown or beyond, or it will follow you into the new year. If you are not kissing on the stroke of midnight, thats ok! Make a wish then. As see it happening. Get that happy feeling in your gut. pull that feeling within you.

Eat lucky foods on New Years Day. This includes: Black Eye peas, Collard Greens, Fish, Pork, And long noodles. Pigs cannot walk backward, and Salmon go up-stream. That is why they are considared lucky. Pay attention to your thoughts on New Years Day, and do not say anything outloud that you do not want to happen in YOUR new year! Yes it is YOUR'S! you deserve it!

Dr. Dina

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